Why We Value Local Partnerships

It’s trendy and popular now to shop local, support local and source local.

We think that’s great because that’s been a value of ours from the start.

At Urban Farmer, we build our menus around great local, farm-to-table food and appreciate our strong partnerships with local farmers, businesses and organizations.

We couldn’t provide the fresh, delicious, innovative food we serve without our local partners.

So as Spring approaches this month and we begin to usher in growing season, we want to recognize our wonderful local partners and talk about why we work with them. They include:

We’re proud to work with all of them because they reflect the same high standards, high quality and commitment to local that we do. In addition, their products stand up to the high expectations we have.

Take Ohio City Farm, Cleveland’s largest Urban Farm that is just two miles from our restaurant. We love this partnership not only for the fresh, local, healthy food it provides, but also because it is largely operated by the Refugee Response (TRR), which employs a team of newly-resettled refugees who work the farmland.

Tiger Mushroom Farm is another terrific partner with an amazing story: It was started by a young Cub Scout near Columbus, who wondered about how to grow things in the Ohio winter. His parents bought him a mushroom kit and his passion, ahem, has mushroomed into a growing business.

In addition, Ohio Wagyu is a great local source that provides hearty steak features on our menu. Currently, we offer a Sakura wagyu, wagyu-angus 14 oz ribeye and a 12-ouce Sakura-wagyu, waygu-angus New York Strip Steak.

We hope you come and support local and enjoy the freshest Ohio has to offer.