Urban Farmer, The Ohio City Farm & The Refugee Response Unite!

This month Urban Farmer has been working with the Cleveland chapter of The Refugee Rescue to organize a fundraising event. This organization takes refugees from all over the world and educates, employs and acclimates them to the state, the city and the community. The students work at a local farm downtown that grows specialty herbs, vegetables and even hops for a local brewery-the Great Lakes Brewing Company! If you haven’t checked out the Ohio City Farm, please do! The farm has a roadside stand for the students to sell vegetables, helping to teach them how to use U.S. currency, speak English and gain customer service skills. This particular group of students, from 9 different countries, are expert farmers, bringing with them skills that have been passed down through their families for generations. The farm creates a beautiful growing space right in the middle of a bustling down town area. The Bake Sale benefited this group, to help support the refugee students support their families and it was a blast to welcome Clevelanders to mix and mingle with this organization. We had a great turnout and are so happy to have had the opportunity to support a wonderful, local cause.