Urban Farmer Cleveland, coming in April 2014!

Urban Farmer Cleveland, coming in April 2014!

Last week I was with my team in Cleveland doing one of the most amazing things we do and cherish within the world of SRG. Driving around in van, we visited a whole laundry list of local and regional ranchers, farmers, foragers, cheese makers, and bakers. Our mission was to find the very best producers and suppliers in those categories for Urban Farmer – Cleveland’s Steakhouse – and to try their products, learn about how and why they do what they do, build relationships, and ask them to help us formulate our menu there. Along the way we soaked up some modern Americana, had some laughs, got lost multiple times, and narrowly missed getting more than one speeding ticket. The last night of our stay chefs Michael and Matt cooked a big dinner for all of us in an apartment we rented, using only what we had gathered from our trip. It was epic! I wish all of you could experience these magical times with us. I hope you can through our restaurant when we open.

A few of the places we visited were:

1. Chef’s Garden, Huron, OH

2. Green Vista Farm, Wooster, OH

3. Mackenzie Creamery, Hiram, OH

4. Great American Lamb Company, Newbury, OH

5. Caruso’s Coffee Roaster, Brecksville, OH

6. West Side Market, Cleveland, OH

Here are some pictures from our journey.






Please enjoy this month’s blog, and read about all of the amazing things that our businesses and people are doing.

Until October – Enjoy!