The Urban Farmer Way

We do a few things differently here in the Midwest, we also do some things Cleveland style, but to be quite honest, we also have an Urban Farmer style of doing things. With unpredictable weather, a melting pot of people, a city putting itself on the map as well as many local farms to work with, we North Eastern Ohio folks are on the cusp of a very exciting renaissance here. With the Republican National Convention rolling through in 2016, the city is getting a face lift and encouraging the layman to become socialites, the socialites to become food lovers and bloggers while the bloggers are tasting more, hosting more and refining their taste as Cleveland gets more bold with flavor.

When it comes to loving our city, we make sure they know it. The managers send hand written thank you cards with a packet of seeds to show just how much they appreciate the support. We also offer local beers that use locally grown hops-the hops are grown less than three miles from the restaurant. With in-house butchers, we are able to experiment with different charcuteries and stay on the trending edge of what is new and what is tried and true. We have a charcuterie station in the dining room that interacts with customers and teaches them that cured meats are not only approachable and delicious but when made locally; promote sustainability for the community. We feature bright beautiful flavors that shake up the summer, since it seems like the sun only graces us with its presence late into the season and then disappears as quickly as it came. A beautiful example of this is our Ohio creamed corn dish that is said to be “knee high by the 4th of July and a winner winner August dinner.”