Rosé Day in Ohio

Urban Farmer, Cleveland, OH

Rosé Day in Ohio

National Rosé Day is celebrated in May so this month’s Friday at the Farm showcased some of Ohio’s finest pink bubbly.


What is Rosé?

Originating in the South-Eastern region of France, rosé wine is considered by many to be one of the most ancient styles of winemaking. There are a few different methods, but the pink to orange hue is generally obtained by allowing the wine to stay in contact with the skins of red grapes during the production process. This not only adds color but also adds a level of complexity to the overall structure and flavor of the wine.


Why the Hype?

Rosé hasn’t always had its current level of fame.


The US market was first introduced to the idea of rosé during California White Zinfandel hype of the 80’s and 90’s. These wines however were considerably sweeter than their European ancestors and eventually gained a type of notoriety similar to that of heavily oaked chardonnay.


Then came the rise of the sommeliers to their celebrity-like status and with it a re-introduction to many of the “Old World” European wines. The dry rosés of France, Spain, and Italy became early crowd-winners because of their versatility with food. Everyone had heard of the age-old rule of “white wine with fish and red wine with meat”. Rosé became the perfect pairing at the dinner table that could work with everything from fish and chicken to pork and beef.


The Rosés of Ohio

Two of our favorite rosés at Urban Farmer Cleveland are made right here in Ohio.


M Cellars, located in the Grand River Valley, is the only winery in Ohio that makes a rosé sparkling wine through the méthode Champenoise process. Using locally grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Matt Meineke follows the same method used in making French Champagne. The wine goes through a second fermentation in the actual bottle that it is served in to give the wine its effervescence.


Rosé wine hype has also lent its marketing powers to other beverages. Rhinegeist Brewery from Cincinnati has experienced great success with the release their Bubbles “rosé ale” made with apple, peach, and cranberry.


With their bright pink hue, these make the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon on our outdoor patio.