Chef Vishu HasPlans For Ohio Wagyu

Urban Farmer, Cleveland’s Steakhouse, Cleveland, OH


Executive Chef Vishu Nath and Urban Farmer are excited to announce our latest partnerships with; Ohio Wagyu and Tiger Mushroom Farms.

Ohio Wagyu Farms is located in Navarre, Ohio, which is about 1 hour from Cleveland near Canton, Ohio. Ohio Wagyu is run by Mr. Francis Pang and he focuses on raising full blood wagyu. This type of Wagyu offers beautiful marbling and the taste to back it up. At; Mr. Pang explains “We have the genetics to produce very well marbled wagyu beef. It is a combination of genetics and feeding method, with a few hundred years of Japanese breeding to back it up.” At Urban Farmer, Chef Vishu has some fantastic plans for the Ohio Wagyu and couldn’t be more excited it is so close to home. Look out for our Ohio Wagyu picture in our restaurant and specials on our menus.

Our second new partnership comes from Columbus, Ohio and has a very unique and impressive story of how it came to be. Tiger Mushrooms Farms, LLC all started from a cub scout meeting in which a little boy was intrigued about plants and farming. explains that Mrs. Watkins son, who is the founder and owner of Tiger Mushrooms Farms; “planted cat grass and basil seed at a cub scout meeting and was eager to see the plants grow each day. He began to wonder what else he could make and we bought him a mushroom kit and the rest is history.” Tiger Mushrooms Farms offers Shitake mushrooms and a variety of oyster mushrooms. You can see them at many farmers markets and soon on the Urban Farmer summer menu and a picture in the restaurant.

Stay tuned for new partnerships and fresh ingredients that Chef Vishu is always on the lookout for!