Steak Tasting


We’ve all heard of wine tastings, beer tastings and even whiskey tastings, but what about Steak Tastings? Naturally, being Cleveland’s Steakhouse, we like to think outside of the box when it comes to our meats. If you haven’t seen our menu before, we have a steak tasting with 3 6oz steaks; Bartles Farms Grass-fed, Creekstone Farms prime corn-fed and Ohio proud twenty-one day dry aged.

Cleveland now has a place where you can see the difference between dry-aged, corn-fed and grass-fed all on one plate!

Let’s dig deeper into what these three steaks are all about:

The Bartels Farm located in Oregon; “embraces a mission of grazing cattle in their natural habitat.” ( select their cattle for the grass fed natural program based on size, conformation and quality. They never feed them with grain or treat them with antibiotics, hormones or GMO’s.  They stated that feeding their cattle grass pellets allows for more energy from their feed, which gives results of healthy and flavorful meat cuts.

The Creekstone Farms located in Kansas embraces corn-fed Black Angus beef, “with high quality corn-based feed.” ( They explain that prior to processing, each animal is fed a high quality corn based feed ration. This has proven to enhance meat tenderness and flavor. Creekstone Farms also focuses on humane animal treatment, which additionally produces superior tasting and more tender beef.

New Creation Farms located in Ohio, is where we order in our whole cow for the twenty-one day dry aged steak. New Creation Farms believes in raising animals “in a healthy, sustainable and humane way.” (  ) They allow their animals to roam in their natural habitat and all of their animals are hormone and antibiotic free.

You might be wondering though, what dry aged is all about?  Lucky for you, I interviewed our Butcher Vinny at Urban Farmer to find out! Once Urban Farmer orders in the whole cow from New Creations Farm, our Butcher Vinny cut’s them and places them on a shelf in the butcher shop for 21 days…….. Thought there was more to it? I know I did! I even snickered at his explanation finishing at “we put them on a shelf for 21 days”.  Luckily he pardoned my ignorance and explained it also has to have the right atmosphere of high air flow and high humidity, to get the perfect 21 day dry aged flavor.

After lots of begging and then offering to wash the dishes, I was able to try the steak tasting! The flavor is unbelievable and the education your taste buds receive is undeniable. No sauce or extra rub needed these steaks are delicious all on their own!