Urban Farmer Is Holding A Bake Sale

As the cool weather inspires warm fuzzy feelings and holiday spirit, Urban Farmer Cleveland is gearing up to make the holidays a little warmer for some of our neighbors. We are holding another Bake Sale to benefit The Refugee Response here in Cleveland. The Pastry team is busily making many incredible treats to entice the locals to stock up their pantries for a good cause. One of the students from the organization, who was with us for the last Bake Sale will actually be gaining his citizenship on the day of the 3rd Bake Sale, which is very exciting for everyone. It takes the students several years to acclimate and gain citizenship, so we will be warmly congratulating him on his accomplishment as we continue to raise money for the organization that made it all possible.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

It’s been an amazing year here at Urban Farmer! With our new location in Cleveland we’ve seen a lot of our staff grow their careers and not just take on new roles but excel at them. We couldn’t be prouder of the team we’ve built! Next year looks to be just as exciting, not that we’re quite ready to share any of that news yet… But 2014 isn’t quite over and we’ve still got a wonderful Christmas feast to share with you and your loved ones. Chef Matt has prepared a menu of classics and new favorites. We hope to see you before the New Year!