Come in from the Cold and Enjoy

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than some warm food in a cozy setting.

On our new winter menu this month, we’re featuring Lamb Pot Pie filled with locally sourced lamb, baby carrots, pearl onions, potatoes, mushrooms and more. It’s a hearty dish that will warm you up on a cold day.

We also have our popular mainstay French Onion Soup with braised beef shank as an appetizer. This steamy delight, served au gratin, is perfect with a salad or sandwich. Topped with warm, melted gruyere cheese and sourdough croutons, it also can be a meal in itself for lighter eaters.

For dessert, we have our Baked Alaska that arrives flaming at your seat. It’s made with chiffon sponge cake – yellow cake lightened with meringue – layered with a Zabaione rum gelato, strawberry filling and roasted strawberry gelato. Its covered in meringue, toasted and garnished with cotton candy and flambéed to order, using watershed vodka, and served with strawberry compote. The flame is a welcome sight when it’s chilly outside.

Our delicious Baked Alaska Cassata with strawberry compote and a swirl of cotton candy on top goes up in flames to our guests delight.

Guests who earned Farm Dollars in November and December can use them toward these dishes or any other in January and February.

Knowing our guests are well-fed and well-cared for warms our hearts.

Our delicious Baked Alaska Cassata with strawberry compote and a swirl of cotton candy on top goes up in flames to our guests delight.

Guests who earned Farm Dollars in November and December can use them toward these dishes or any other in January and February.

Knowing our guests are well-fed and well-cared for warms our hearts.


Holiday Cheer at Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer, Cleveland’s Steakhouse, Cleveland, OH

Holiday Cheer at Urban Farmer
Visit us in December and Earn Farm Dollars to spend at our restaurant

It’s the perfect time of year to express our gratitude to our loyal guests and also, welcome new ones.

At Urban Farmer this month, we’re offering everyone the opportunity to earn Farm Dollars by simply enjoying our delicious local farm-to-table food and wonderful drinks and cocktails.

Anytime, during any visit from Dec. 1 – Dec. 31, our guests can earn one Farm Dollar for every $10 they spend. Then, in January and February, these Farm Dollars can be applied for cash value toward any food or drink purchase in the restaurant.

It’s our way of rewarding you for coming back again and again – or inviting you to try us for the first time. It’s also a great opportunity for guests to try something new.

Never tried our Meatless Monday feature? Stop by to enjoy a warm winter soup and salad.

Hankering for a hearty steak? Bring a friend and stop by for our fine grass-fed or grain-finished beef, which is purchased from local farms and butchered in-house.

Or maybe you want to get in from out of the cold after a long day at work downtown. Stop by and relax in our comfortable, cozy lounge and enjoy a warm winter cocktail with our popular charcuterie and cheese boards.

Of course, we know our guests have their favorite dishes, too, so our Farm Dollars can also be used to enjoy them more often.

What sets up apart from most other steakhouses is that we source our beef through our partnerships with different local farmer and ranchers. This allows our guests the opportunity to try different cuts and breeds they might have never tried.

Sourcing locally not only provides more variety and fresher-tasting food, it also benefits our regional economy. Raising beef is an intensive job, which supports a lot of families in our area.

So, come in from out of the cold and warm up with us this month. It’s our way of saying thanks for your loyalty and in turn, thanking our local farmers for their hard work.

Happy Holidays!

We’re Crushing it

Why we Recycle 80,000 Pounds of Glass Each year


Because so much of our restaurant’s food and beverages come in glass, we generate a lot of waste with glass bottles: About 80,000 pounds annually, which is roughly the equivalent of 13 average-sized adult elephants!

With our commitment to the environment and a sustainable planet, we didn’t want to throw so much waste in the trash, especially when it’s recyclable.

But because of an awkward trash pick-up station below our building, the City of Cleveland’s recycling truck couldn’t maneuver inside to haul and crush our glass on site. And most private recycling companies require glass to be crushed before they will collect it for recycling.

So we had to find another solution.

We considered crushing our glass on site, but that wasn’t feasible because we didn’t have a glass crusher and buying one was not a reasonable option.

Fortunately, we found Recycle Midwest, a Northeast Ohio company that would collect our uncrushed glass.

Adding this service continues our commitment to sustainability and working to be a leader for commercial – and especially restaurant – recycling in downtown Cleveland. Now that we have created a route for these recycling companies to come downtown, we hope it sparks others to recycle their glass and helps push down the cost as more restaurants participate.

Part of being a sustainable restaurant is taking care of the land and community in which we operate. We consider one of our social responsibilities to reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfills as much as we can.

While recycling is important, reduction of waste is even more important. Through this glass recycling process, we’ve become more proactive by eliminating certain products that have excessive packaging. By eliminating the waste in the first place, we’re helping the planet, too.

Like many people in our community, we care about this issue and want to be part of the solution. We believe we’re crushing it!


It’s National Beef Month. Come Celebrate with Us!


It’s National Beef Month. Come Celebrate with Us!  

Why do we serve beef?

Because it tastes good.

Seriously, it does!

There’s so much behind the excellent taste of Urban Farmer steak. During

National Beef month in May, we want to celebrate and educate you about the high-quality, locally-sourced, and great-tasting beef we serve at our restaurant.

A wide range of beef for every taste.

We’re fortunate to have an excellent butcher on our team, Travis Gunter, who is an expert on beef. He, along with our chefs, make sure we serve only the best beef.

We serve a wide range of cuts from traditional grass fed/grain finished, to 100 percent grass fed and finished, to Wagyu and bison. We also have a dry-aging room where our beef is dry aged anywhere from 21 days to several months.

What is the difference between all these types of beef?

The Wagyu has the most intramuscular marbling, which is desirable for flavor and tenderness. The 100 percent grass fed is a little leaner, yet still has great flavor and tenderness, with a more robust beef flavor.

In between is the grain-finished beef, which most steak-lovers are accustomed to. Our grain-finished products are sourced locally from either whole beef we bring in from New Creation Farms, or sub primal from Boliantz Family Farms. Both are sustainably & humanely raised and finished on grain to give the steaks really wonderful fat content—and fat is flavor.

Dry-aging = tender and flavorful.
The process of dry aging our beef results in the concentration and saturation of the natural flavor, as well as the tenderization of the meat texture. During dry aging, moisture is evaporated from the muscle and this creates a greater concentration of beef flavor and taste. Secondly, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which produces more tender beef.

Once properly aged, how we cook our beef really depends on the cut of meat—but our most widely used method of cooking is on the char broiler.

Local farms
What also sets us apart is that we are fortunate to source various kinds of beef through our partnerships with different local farmers and ranchers. This allows our guests the opportunity to try different cuts/breeds they may have never tried before.

Some of our local beef farm partners include: New Creation Farms, Boliantz Family Farms, Red Run Bison, Ohio Wagyu and Fresh Fork/Ohio city provisions.

Sourcing locally benefits many facets of the regional economy. From the feed, producers, farmers, butchers, etc. Raising beef is an intensive endeavor, which supports a lot of families in the area. In addition, this helps to reduce the carbon footprint and helps us boost our local economy.

We waste nothing.
Our ability to bring in whole carcass animals is probably one of the most defining features. We utilize the entire carcass, from steaks, to burgers. We use everything, the fat is rendered into tallow to make candles that are on the guest table. The bones get roasted off and used for stock. Then, off cuts, such as liver, tongue, etc. get turned into charcuterie. Literally, EVERYTHING, gets used.

So, with all of these great choices, which beef is right for you? Well, that depends…

Our butcher, Travis, personally likes the Ohio Proud Bone in Ribeye from Boliantz farms. It has wonderful flavor. Also, we recently started using their prime tenderloins for filet, they are a great product which is selling extremely well. He also recommends the Ohio Proud Tenderloin.

If you’re not necessarily a beef lover but want to try a good cut/steak/beef, Travis recommends the New York Strip tasting. It offers a 6-ounce portion each of grass fed, grain finished and 21-day dry aged, you can also add on the wagyu strip as well, which he highly recommends. It’s great for those who can’t decide or want a little variety.

So, come celebrate National Beef Month with us. You’ll be satisfied!

Shedding Light on Dinner in the Dark

Shedding Light on Dinner in the Dark

You might recall from our last post that we hosted Dinner in the Dark at Urban Farmer Cleveland on August 14th. While we couldn’t reveal much then, we can now shed light on the great people and food behind this fun and unique event.


For those of you not familiar, Dinner in the Dark is a monthly event that brings together six different chefs to cook a six course meal together at different restaurants around Cleveland.  The participating chefs and the menu are not revealed until the guests arrive, keeping them ‘in the dark.’ The concept was created by Brian Okin and Jeff Jarrett as a way to bring together Cleveland chefs and food lovers to share their passion and compassion, as ticket proceeds benefit a local charity chosen by the participating chefs.


As guests arrived for the August 14th event they were greeted with a signature cocktail and the anxiously awaited menu was unveiled. Each of the six courses began with the dedicated chef sharing his inspiration with guests and an accompanying wine to compliment the selection.

The meal began with an octopus terrine and tongue pastrami amuse bouche, created by Urban Farmer Chef, Travis Gunter. Next, Chef Matt Del Regno, of Levy Restaurants and Huntington Convention Center, shared his squash blossom, duck, sweet and sour plum and local chevre appetizer. The appetizer course was completed by a second selection of Hamachi- peaches, blueberries, basil and miso cream vinaigrette created by Urban Farmer’s very own Chef de Cuisine, Anthony Bernal.

After enjoying the opening courses and wine pairings, guests were ready for the salad created by Chef Christopher Kocsis, of The Burnham, that consisted of sweet corn panna cotta, corn meal cracker, frisee, heirloom tomatoes, and paprika vinaigrette. Barramundi, goan curry, and basmati rice were featured for the seafood entrée, created by Chef Rasul Welch, of Polpetta.

Next, palates were refreshed with Urban Farmer Executive Chef Vishwatej Nath’s champagne rosemary sorbet intermezzo, which included summer flower petals, sea salt and verjus rouge.  A special feature wine, of 2015 ‘Meritage,’ provided by event partner M Cellars was served for the meat entrée, also created by Chef Vishwatej Nath. Smoked Wagyu-mi cuit, charred creamed corn, house grown chill mole sauce with foie gras and merlot jam spiced donut with maple syrup made this a standout entrée.

Last, but not least, the six course meal concluded with dessert. Chef John Selick, of Sodexo and University Hospitals, created the finale with honey roasted peaches, fried cornbread, bourbon sabayon, and crème fraiche ice cream. After a wonderful evening of food and drink, guests departed with full stomachs, new friendships and having helped The Refugee Response, the chosen charity for the event and partner of Urban Farmer.



Chef Vishu HasPlans For Ohio Wagyu

Urban Farmer, Cleveland’s Steakhouse, Cleveland, OH


Executive Chef Vishu Nath and Urban Farmer are excited to announce our latest partnerships with; Ohio Wagyu and Tiger Mushroom Farms.

Ohio Wagyu Farms is located in Navarre, Ohio, which is about 1 hour from Cleveland near Canton, Ohio. Ohio Wagyu is run by Mr. Francis Pang and he focuses on raising full blood wagyu. This type of Wagyu offers beautiful marbling and the taste to back it up. At; Mr. Pang explains “We have the genetics to produce very well marbled wagyu beef. It is a combination of genetics and feeding method, with a few hundred years of Japanese breeding to back it up.” At Urban Farmer, Chef Vishu has some fantastic plans for the Ohio Wagyu and couldn’t be more excited it is so close to home. Look out for our Ohio Wagyu picture in our restaurant and specials on our menus.

Our second new partnership comes from Columbus, Ohio and has a very unique and impressive story of how it came to be. Tiger Mushrooms Farms, LLC all started from a cub scout meeting in which a little boy was intrigued about plants and farming. explains that Mrs. Watkins son, who is the founder and owner of Tiger Mushrooms Farms; “planted cat grass and basil seed at a cub scout meeting and was eager to see the plants grow each day. He began to wonder what else he could make and we bought him a mushroom kit and the rest is history.” Tiger Mushrooms Farms offers Shitake mushrooms and a variety of oyster mushrooms. You can see them at many farmers markets and soon on the Urban Farmer summer menu and a picture in the restaurant.

Stay tuned for new partnerships and fresh ingredients that Chef Vishu is always on the lookout for!