The Urban Farmer Pickling Process

Have you ever noticed our pickled vegetables in our pantry and thought; “I wonder if Urban Farmer uses those in their dishes?” The answer is yes! Our chefs pickle many different types of vegetables that we use in our dishes. Some of these dishes include; the farm burger, charcuterie board, turkey Panini, and our walleye dish.

The chefs begin by making a pickling liquid, depending upon how they wish to flavor the vegetables, sometimes it is sweet, while other times it can be spicier. Vegetables can be used up to one week from the pickling process, but our chefs wait 3-6 months to retrieve them from the pantry and use them in our dishes. The longer the vegetables cure in the liquid, the more flavor and acidity they have.

The canning process starts by sanitizing all mason jars, then the vegetables are added and the liquid mixture is poured over the vegetables. In order to seal in the vegetables and ensure no bacteria is in the Mason jar, they steam them. It is important that they wait to make sure the lid is fully sealed in before taking them from the steamer. Once all steps have been completed they go into our pantry for our guests to view during private events.

The next time you book a private event with a group in the pantry, you will know the secret and be able to tell all your friends!