What’s in your glass?

This month Urban Farmer Cleveland is hosting the Beer Glass Challenge. The event will feature a line-up from our local Market Garden Brewery served in the Spiegelau’s Craft Beer Tasting Glasses.

So why a craft beer glass?

The idea of glassware affecting how you enjoy a beverage has long been debated. Glassware designers will tell you that elements of the glass including bowl shape, size, and the thickness can drastically affect how your drink smells, tastes, and even feels in the mouth. No other industry has taken this to a fuller extent than the world of wine where there seems to be a special vessel for just about everything. Not only is there a different glass for Pinot Noir and Merlot, but you will find that there’s a specialized glass for Pinot Noir from France versus one from New Zealand.

It was inevitable that other industries would soon follow suit when Spiegelau entered the ring with a line of craft beer glasses for the ever-growing microbrew scene. These glasses aren’t just pretty to look at, but come with an extensive amount of research and development that was done in collaboration with big names including Dog Fish Head, Sierra Nevada, and Rogue breweries. The kit includes an IPA, Stout, and Wheat Beer glass, each with distinctive characteristics to enhance that style of beer.

The Verdict?

Our General Manager/Sommelier, Andy Hata, put these glasses to the test. He tasted the Columbus Brewery IPA, Left Hand Milk Stout, and Market Garden Prosperity Wheat in their respective glasses, but also compared the same beers in a standard pint glass.

His thoughts: I was slightly skeptical to start. Coming from a wine background, I was confident that the Spiegelau glasses would definitely make a difference in comparison to the pint glass, but I had my doubts about how specialized these beer glasses were to their designated individual uses.

With each beer, the Spiegelau glass made dramatic improvements when compared to the pint glass. The aromatics were much more pronounced, the flavors were bolder, and the textures were enhanced with each sip.

The biggest surprise came when I decided to compare the Spiegelau glasses to each other. I poured the same Left Hand Milk Stout into the stout glass and IPA glass. The Milk Stout in its correct glass was everything you wanted a stout to be; creamy, rich, and a punch of coffee/chocolate notes. The same beer in the IPA glass almost tasted as if it had been watered down. The texture was all wrong and in-turn made the beer taste stale.

I’m a believer…


Join us for the beer glass challenge:

Date: Tuesday July 10th

Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Location: Urban Farmer Cleveland

Price: $55 per person (includes complimentary valet and a 3-piece Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting kit for each guest to take home)

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