It’s National Beef Month. Come Celebrate with Us!


It’s National Beef Month. Come Celebrate with Us!  

Why do we serve beef?

Because it tastes good.

Seriously, it does!

There’s so much behind the excellent taste of Urban Farmer steak. During

National Beef month in May, we want to celebrate and educate you about the high-quality, locally-sourced, and great-tasting beef we serve at our restaurant.

A wide range of beef for every taste.

We’re fortunate to have an excellent butcher on our team, Travis Gunter, who is an expert on beef. He, along with our chefs, make sure we serve only the best beef.

We serve a wide range of cuts from traditional grass fed/grain finished, to 100 percent grass fed and finished, to Wagyu and bison. We also have a dry-aging room where our beef is dry aged anywhere from 21 days to several months.

What is the difference between all these types of beef?

The Wagyu has the most intramuscular marbling, which is desirable for flavor and tenderness. The 100 percent grass fed is a little leaner, yet still has great flavor and tenderness, with a more robust beef flavor.

In between is the grain-finished beef, which most steak-lovers are accustomed to. Our grain-finished products are sourced locally from either whole beef we bring in from New Creation Farms, or sub primal from Boliantz Family Farms. Both are sustainably & humanely raised and finished on grain to give the steaks really wonderful fat content—and fat is flavor.

Dry-aging = tender and flavorful.
The process of dry aging our beef results in the concentration and saturation of the natural flavor, as well as the tenderization of the meat texture. During dry aging, moisture is evaporated from the muscle and this creates a greater concentration of beef flavor and taste. Secondly, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which produces more tender beef.

Once properly aged, how we cook our beef really depends on the cut of meat—but our most widely used method of cooking is on the char broiler.

Local farms
What also sets us apart is that we are fortunate to source various kinds of beef through our partnerships with different local farmers and ranchers. This allows our guests the opportunity to try different cuts/breeds they may have never tried before.

Some of our local beef farm partners include: New Creation Farms, Boliantz Family Farms, Red Run Bison, Ohio Wagyu and Fresh Fork/Ohio city provisions.

Sourcing locally benefits many facets of the regional economy. From the feed, producers, farmers, butchers, etc. Raising beef is an intensive endeavor, which supports a lot of families in the area. In addition, this helps to reduce the carbon footprint and helps us boost our local economy.

We waste nothing.
Our ability to bring in whole carcass animals is probably one of the most defining features. We utilize the entire carcass, from steaks, to burgers. We use everything, the fat is rendered into tallow to make candles that are on the guest table. The bones get roasted off and used for stock. Then, off cuts, such as liver, tongue, etc. get turned into charcuterie. Literally, EVERYTHING, gets used.

So, with all of these great choices, which beef is right for you? Well, that depends…

Our butcher, Travis, personally likes the Ohio Proud Bone in Ribeye from Boliantz farms. It has wonderful flavor. Also, we recently started using their prime tenderloins for filet, they are a great product which is selling extremely well. He also recommends the Ohio Proud Tenderloin.

If you’re not necessarily a beef lover but want to try a good cut/steak/beef, Travis recommends the New York Strip tasting. It offers a 6-ounce portion each of grass fed, grain finished and 21-day dry aged, you can also add on the wagyu strip as well, which he highly recommends. It’s great for those who can’t decide or want a little variety.

So, come celebrate National Beef Month with us. You’ll be satisfied!

BBQ – Urban Farmer Style


BBQ – Urban Farmer Style

Did you know that Urban Farmer Cleveland hosts classes? Well now you do!

From baking to butchery, our experts periodically host classes to help others explore their culinary passions and develop their skills. Our most recent class, Carolina vs Texas BBQ, enabled attendees to learn a bit about the different styles of BBQ, try their hand at making a few related items, and explore our in-house butcher program.

Each class is led by the experienced in-house experts who focus on the topic featured. This class was led by Executive Chef, Vishu Nath, and Chef de Cuisine, Anthony Bernal. These Urban Farmer Chefs have experience in a variety of cuisines, including BBQ, and bring unique geographic and cultural influences to share. Chef Vishu’s South Asian culture tends to lead to spicy blends and use of ingredients that are typically not part of stateside BBQ. Chef Anthony’s time in the Southwest lends to sweeter styles of sauce and BBQ cooking techniques not often found in Ohio.

While each Urban Farmer class is unique, they all incorporate some classroom style learning. During the Carolina vs Texas BBQ Class, attendees learned the different types of meat, sauces and slaws associated with each region. Most were surprised by the variety of slaws and hadn’t tried the vinegar and mustard styles typically found in the south. The Chefs also shared some of their smoking tips and techniques, and ways to make BBQ rubs.

After the classroom portion of the day, attendees got to take a tour of the on premise butcher room and dry aging cooler. Here, they got to see how Urban Farmer utilizes full animals and minimal waste in their butcher program, and some of the aged meats that would soon be found on the Bucher’s Card Specials that evening.

Post tour, class moved out to the patio where attendees got to utilize the knowledge gained inside to make their own BBQ sauce and rub to take home. Chef Vishu and Anthony also guided students in preparing their own meats, to grill and enjoy with attendees, and answered questions that arose in the live setting.

Everyone then sat to enjoy the “meats of their labor”, including a few prepared by the Urban Farmer culinary team, and the amazing weather that day. Students left, full of knowledge and food, carrying a swag bag including the restaurants very own BBQ sauce recipes!


We are planning our next class schedule so be sure to keep your eye out for future offerings. And, feel free to drop us a line with suggested class topics!

Our Butcher Cuts


Urban Farmer takes pride in having our very own butcher shop within our restaurant; did you ever wonder what butchers do to ensure the best products in the restaurant? Join us for one of our butcher shop classes and learn the art to what our head butcher does every day. Here is an explanation of some of our butcher cuts:

UFCL Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder

The shoulder of a pig gets split into two pieces: the butt and the picnic ham.  The butt doesn’t actually come from the rear of the animal but refers to the vessel it was stored in back in colonial times.  With a natural fat to lean ratio of about 80/20 the shoulder is great for sausage making.  We also smoke the shoulders to make our bbq pork.
UF CL Pork Belly

Pork belly

Cut from just under the pork loin the belly is fatty and tender.  Most commonly used to produce bacon but the belly can make a wonderful pork rillettes or is a nice addition to a sausage if you desire a higher fat to lean ratio


One of the most popular primal cuts, the rib spans ribs 6 through 12.  A nice mixture of lean muscle and marbleized fat makes the rib one of the most sought after steaks.  The Ohio Proud rib steak is on the menu daily
UFCL Sirloin


The second half of the loin primal, the sirloin offers a fairly tender steak with minimal fat.  Steaks can be cut from the large muscle of the sirloin and sold as “top sirloin” or from the sirloin cap, also known as the “Coulotte”

Chef Vishu HasPlans For Ohio Wagyu

Urban Farmer, Cleveland’s Steakhouse, Cleveland, OH


Executive Chef Vishu Nath and Urban Farmer are excited to announce our latest partnerships with; Ohio Wagyu and Tiger Mushroom Farms.

Ohio Wagyu Farms is located in Navarre, Ohio, which is about 1 hour from Cleveland near Canton, Ohio. Ohio Wagyu is run by Mr. Francis Pang and he focuses on raising full blood wagyu. This type of Wagyu offers beautiful marbling and the taste to back it up. At; Mr. Pang explains “We have the genetics to produce very well marbled wagyu beef. It is a combination of genetics and feeding method, with a few hundred years of Japanese breeding to back it up.” At Urban Farmer, Chef Vishu has some fantastic plans for the Ohio Wagyu and couldn’t be more excited it is so close to home. Look out for our Ohio Wagyu picture in our restaurant and specials on our menus.

Our second new partnership comes from Columbus, Ohio and has a very unique and impressive story of how it came to be. Tiger Mushrooms Farms, LLC all started from a cub scout meeting in which a little boy was intrigued about plants and farming. explains that Mrs. Watkins son, who is the founder and owner of Tiger Mushrooms Farms; “planted cat grass and basil seed at a cub scout meeting and was eager to see the plants grow each day. He began to wonder what else he could make and we bought him a mushroom kit and the rest is history.” Tiger Mushrooms Farms offers Shitake mushrooms and a variety of oyster mushrooms. You can see them at many farmers markets and soon on the Urban Farmer summer menu and a picture in the restaurant.

Stay tuned for new partnerships and fresh ingredients that Chef Vishu is always on the lookout for!

Steak Tasting


We’ve all heard of wine tastings, beer tastings and even whiskey tastings, but what about Steak Tastings? Naturally, being Cleveland’s Steakhouse, we like to think outside of the box when it comes to our meats. If you haven’t seen our menu before, we have a steak tasting with 3 6oz steaks; Bartles Farms Grass-fed, Creekstone Farms prime corn-fed and Ohio proud twenty-one day dry aged.

Cleveland now has a place where you can see the difference between dry-aged, corn-fed and grass-fed all on one plate!

Let’s dig deeper into what these three steaks are all about:

The Bartels Farm located in Oregon; “embraces a mission of grazing cattle in their natural habitat.” ( select their cattle for the grass fed natural program based on size, conformation and quality. They never feed them with grain or treat them with antibiotics, hormones or GMO’s.  They stated that feeding their cattle grass pellets allows for more energy from their feed, which gives results of healthy and flavorful meat cuts.

The Creekstone Farms located in Kansas embraces corn-fed Black Angus beef, “with high quality corn-based feed.” ( They explain that prior to processing, each animal is fed a high quality corn based feed ration. This has proven to enhance meat tenderness and flavor. Creekstone Farms also focuses on humane animal treatment, which additionally produces superior tasting and more tender beef.

New Creation Farms located in Ohio, is where we order in our whole cow for the twenty-one day dry aged steak. New Creation Farms believes in raising animals “in a healthy, sustainable and humane way.” (  ) They allow their animals to roam in their natural habitat and all of their animals are hormone and antibiotic free.

You might be wondering though, what dry aged is all about?  Lucky for you, I interviewed our Butcher Vinny at Urban Farmer to find out! Once Urban Farmer orders in the whole cow from New Creations Farm, our Butcher Vinny cut’s them and places them on a shelf in the butcher shop for 21 days…….. Thought there was more to it? I know I did! I even snickered at his explanation finishing at “we put them on a shelf for 21 days”.  Luckily he pardoned my ignorance and explained it also has to have the right atmosphere of high air flow and high humidity, to get the perfect 21 day dry aged flavor.

After lots of begging and then offering to wash the dishes, I was able to try the steak tasting! The flavor is unbelievable and the education your taste buds receive is undeniable. No sauce or extra rub needed these steaks are delicious all on their own!

The Butcher Shop


The Butcher Shop

Aside from the standard dinner menu, Urban Farmer also offers a menu addition card that features daily butcher cuts from our in-house butcher shop. Urban Farmer receives about four pigs and one cow per month. The breakdown of these animals is an all-day process. To ensure less waste, every part of the animal is used – from tail to snout! Since one animal produces a limited number of meat cuts, these items will appear on our daily butcher cuts menu card and is offered based on availability. These animals also contribute to our in-house charcuterie program. While some meats take just over a month to age properly, some meats take six months to a year. The process is very dependent on the size and water content of the meat. Join us for dinner to see the end products for yourself!


5th Annual Wine and Food Sampling Event

On August 21st, Urban Farmer is teaming up with the National MS Society for their 5th Annual wine and food sampling event called, Locavore. A “Locavore” is a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally. So this event fits very well with what we do at Urban Farmer, Cleveland’s Steakhouse. The event is held at Windows on the River from 5pm until 9pm. Join us and sample the sweet corn falafel with house-made pastrami and onion dip that Chef Brad Cecchi is making just for this event! Tickets can be purchased by visiting or by calling 216-503-4183. We look forward to “meating” you there!

Urban Farmer Was Awarded “Best In Show”



Last month, we were looking forward to attending the Rock Hall’s annual Chef Jam. This month, we are proud to report that the Urban Farmer Cleveland Chefs came home as winners! Urban Farmer was awarded ‘Best in Show,’ among some of Cleveland’s top restaurants. It seems Clevelanders loved the ‘heart of rock and roll’ theme with braised beef popovers topped with mirepoix and shaved beef heart. Additionally, our pastry chef sweetened the deal by making her Devil’s food whoopie pies. Our team had a great time at this event and look forward to attending more Cleveland events very soon!