Learn How to Make Pasta with Us

Expert guidance for at-home chefs

Back by popular demand, our pasta class is for anyone and everyone who enjoys a hearty dish of spaghetti, rigatoni or other noodles.

On Saturday, July 13, our Chef Jared Bergen will lead an afternoon pasta class that will teach how to artfully shape pasta noodles and make ricotta gnocchi. Every part of the gnocchi dish is made from vegetables, including the pasta.

Bergen is not surprised at how much people love pasta – or how interested they are in opens in a new windowlearning how to make it.

“I think the popularity of pasta is in part because it is made in many different cultures,’’ Bergen said. “It’s a versatile food, and once the recipes and dishes are shared, the hype escalates.

“In addition, pasta-making is recognized as an artisan craft that many people devote their life to in the culinary world.”

Bergen believes it’s a common misconception that pasta making is time-consuming and requires special equipment. But that’s not the case, he said. Everyone can make it; you don’t need special equipment.

His class will put opens in a new windowa twist on pasta-making – a trend that’s become a popular carb and gluten-free substitute to the doughy noodles. All participants will make squash spaghetti, vegetable Bolognese with mirepiox and fennel in a tomato base sauce, finished with gluten-free breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. Mirepoix is a combination of onions, celery and bell peppers and is common in Cajun and Creole cuisine.

After Bergen’s class, participants will be equipped with a straightforward and simple way to impress dinner party guests by applying their knowledge immediately.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn a fun and practical new skill and of course, eat the dish you make. Sign up opens in a new windowhere.