It’s Holiday Pie Time

Holiday Pies are Always a Scrumptious Ending to a Special Meal Thanksgiving means turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, but it also means pie. Lots of delicious, fresh pie. At Urban Farmer, we like to bake traditional holiday pies and also show our thanks to one of our local partners, Refugee Response. Refugee Response, which helps refugees build a foundation for a new life, is the force behind the Ohio City Farm in Cleveland, where we get some of our produce. It’s part of our commitment to local and supporting our community. From November 1st-21st, we’ll hold our annual holiday pie sale to benefit Refugee Response. For purchase will be traditional favorites such as pumpkin and apple as well as Pecan and French Silk. Our pastry chef Kara Swortchek will lead the pie-making. The tradition of making holiday pies is meaningful to her. “They bring back a lot of good memories,” she said. Though she’s had it many times, pumpkin pie remains her favorite. All of our pies are made from scratch, hand rolled, cut and filled with ingredients that do not contain artificial preservatives or colors. We are happy to take special requests and we make gluten-free pies, too. To order, visit: