Healthy New Year Resolutions

Urban Farmer CLE

It’s time for you to make those New Year healthy resolutions and Urban Farmer is right here to make sure you stay on track.

Did you know that Urban Farmer does it best to source all of our ingredients locally in Ohio? Although that is great for the economy and environment, there is another benefit to that; your health! author, Tandis Bishop explains the benefits of eating local produce: “The key word in describing the health benefit of locally grown is “fresh.” Since the produce is local, it is fresher than produce that has come from the mainland. Fresher produce means better and more nutritious. How? Fruits and vegetables lose their optimal nutritional value as soon as they are picked. When picked, vitamins such as C, E, A, and some B vitamins begin to deteriorate and thus decrease. Other factors such as the exposure to air, artificial lights, and temperature changes can also contribute to the decrease in nutritional value. Thus, the longer the food sits the more it decreases in nutritional value. That is not to say that you will not get much out of eating fresh produce even if it was picked a week or two ago. It still provides a lot of nutrients but it just won’t be as optimally rich as when first picked. Another health benefit to buying locally grown is that you are getting produce at its peak state. Local farms can allow their fruits and vegetables to ripen longer or even fully ripen, which also adds to nutrition.

Urban Farmer also Pickles all of its vegetables in-house as well. An article titled; Why Pickled Foods Are Good for You and How to Make Cultured Vegetables explains why eating pickled vegetables is a really healthy way to go: n point form, here are some benefits of culturing your own veggies.

  • You’ll be manufacturing the best Lactobacilli in town. It’s a far less expensive option than buying probiotics—and they’ll reproduce and flourish in your tummy.
  • The job of your stomach is to break down food. It does this with the help of hydrochloric acid and bacteria. However, when food has been cultured, the bacteria has already broken it down. This means that there is less stress on your stomach, and food is digested more quickly and easily. The additional bacteria on the fermented foods also helps to break down the other food that you have eaten with the cultured food.
  • Fermented vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is probably one of the most used vitamins in the body and the higher the amount in the body, the greater the effectiveness of the immune system and the nicer the skin looks.
  • As fermented food has live bacteria in it, it contains enzymes. In fact, it contains many, many enzymes. Enzyme depletion is responsible for many illnesses and conditions as we grow older. Apart from breaking down food in the stomach, enzymes process toxins and remove them from the system. The greater number of enzymes we have available in our bodies, the healthier we will become.
  • For those wanting to lose weight, the pickles seem to kill the desire for sugars and starches. This is very helpful if one is trying to lose weight. It is also useful because neither sugar nor starches are healthy.