Creative Cocktails to Celebrate the Season

Tis the Season

It’s the perfect time of year to try something new and luxurious; to treat yourself to a delicious cocktail that’s made with seasonally inspired ingredients prepared fresh in our kitchen.

That’s why we’re so excited to have Scott Bishop, our new Restaurant Manager in charge of beverages, leading the way to create the best cocktail menu in Cleveland. 

Bishop returned to Urban Farmer after some time in California, where he worked as a food and beverage director in Palm Springs. “I realized Cleveland was home,” he said. “I missed the seasons.”

Bishop offers some insight into his new role and our winter craft cocktail menu: 

What did you want to accomplish with this cocktail menu?

We wanted to create bold cocktails to invite guests to get out of their comfort zone.

Also, with these cocktails, it’s all about the senses: When guests put the cocktail up to their noses, they smell the cinnamon, for example, and it reminds them of wintertime.

Where did you get the inspiration for these drinks?

Our bartenders worked side-by-side with our chefs in the kitchen to create and determine the ingredients. We tried to include a fine line of seasonal ingredients such as root vegetables, fennel and beets. We sort of explored the kind of “geeky” craft cocktail side of things.

What motivates you to create “wow” cocktails? 

Food and beverage for me is kind of the same as music: When I hear a certain song, it takes me to a certain part of my life. When I walk into Urban Farmer, it feels Cleveland. The smells, look and feel takes me back home.

Tell us about the ingredients used for your beverage menu.

With this menu, we used more items from the kitchen: We’re using fennel, beets and

we made our own Chai Mix for “Live & Let Chai.” It feels warm even though it’s a cold martini. Also, we stayed true to local vineyards by featuring a Ferrante dessert wine and even created our own beet shrub. 

What about some of the cocktail names such as Fennel Flip, Winter Blues and Live & Let Chai?

I’ve empowered the bartenders to thrive in their own creativity and have fun. When I describe drinks to people, I want people to get thirsty when they think about them.

What if guests want to skip the alcohol?

That’s becoming a bigger and bigger trend: non-alcoholic cocktails. And we’re right on it. We have a non-alcoholic cocktail list. I know some people call them “mocktails” but I prefer to call them “Zero Proof cocktails.” Either way, they’re satisfying and delicious.

What if guests don’t want to try something new and instead desire an old favorite?

Of course! Our bartenders are just as good at making traditional cocktails as our new creations. We still have guest favorites such as Smokin Barrels (bourbon), Magmarita (tequila) and Farmer No. 5 (vodka).

What can guests look forward to with you leading the beverage selections at Urban Farmer? 

More local influence and creativity. We’ll always be one step ahead of the Cleveland scene. We want to be the most eclectic one in the market.

View Urban Farmer’s full beverage menu here: Drinks