Holiday Cheer at Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer, Cleveland’s Steakhouse, Cleveland, OH

Holiday Cheer at Urban Farmer
Visit us in December and Earn Farm Dollars to spend at our restaurant

It’s the perfect time of year to express our gratitude to our loyal guests and also, welcome new ones.

At Urban Farmer this month, we’re offering everyone the opportunity to earn Farm Dollars by simply enjoying our delicious local farm-to-table food and wonderful drinks and cocktails.

Anytime, during any visit from Dec. 1 – Dec. 31, our guests can earn one Farm Dollar for every $10 they spend. Then, in January and February, these Farm Dollars can be applied for cash value toward any food or drink purchase in the restaurant.

It’s our way of rewarding you for coming back again and again – or inviting you to try us for the first time. It’s also a great opportunity for guests to try something new.

Never tried our Meatless Monday feature? Stop by to enjoy a warm winter soup and salad.

Hankering for a hearty steak? Bring a friend and stop by for our fine grass-fed or grain-finished beef, which is purchased from local farms and butchered in-house.

Or maybe you want to get in from out of the cold after a long day at work downtown. Stop by and relax in our comfortable, cozy lounge and enjoy a warm winter cocktail with our popular charcuterie and cheese boards.

Of course, we know our guests have their favorite dishes, too, so our Farm Dollars can also be used to enjoy them more often.

What sets up apart from most other steakhouses is that we source our beef through our partnerships with different local farmer and ranchers. This allows our guests the opportunity to try different cuts and breeds they might have never tried.

Sourcing locally not only provides more variety and fresher-tasting food, it also benefits our regional economy. Raising beef is an intensive job, which supports a lot of families in our area.

So, come in from out of the cold and warm up with us this month. It’s our way of saying thanks for your loyalty and in turn, thanking our local farmers for their hard work.

Happy Holidays!

We’re Crushing it

Why we Recycle 80,000 Pounds of Glass Each year


Because so much of our restaurant’s food and beverages come in glass, we generate a lot of waste with glass bottles: About 80,000 pounds annually, which is roughly the equivalent of 13 average-sized adult elephants!

With our commitment to the environment and a sustainable planet, we didn’t want to throw so much waste in the trash, especially when it’s recyclable.

But because of an awkward trash pick-up station below our building, the City of Cleveland’s recycling truck couldn’t maneuver inside to haul and crush our glass on site. And most private recycling companies require glass to be crushed before they will collect it for recycling.

So we had to find another solution.

We considered crushing our glass on site, but that wasn’t feasible because we didn’t have a glass crusher and buying one was not a reasonable option.

Fortunately, we found Recycle Midwest, a Northeast Ohio company that would collect our uncrushed glass.

Adding this service continues our commitment to sustainability and working to be a leader for commercial – and especially restaurant – recycling in downtown Cleveland. Now that we have created a route for these recycling companies to come downtown, we hope it sparks others to recycle their glass and helps push down the cost as more restaurants participate.

Part of being a sustainable restaurant is taking care of the land and community in which we operate. We consider one of our social responsibilities to reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfills as much as we can.

While recycling is important, reduction of waste is even more important. Through this glass recycling process, we’ve become more proactive by eliminating certain products that have excessive packaging. By eliminating the waste in the first place, we’re helping the planet, too.

Like many people in our community, we care about this issue and want to be part of the solution. We believe we’re crushing it!


7 Ways We Make Your Holiday Party Sparkle

It’s time to plan your holiday party. Whether it’s a company event or a gathering with family and friends, we can make your party sparkle. Here’s how we do it…

  1. Host you in an exquisitely designed Private Party Room
  2. Showcase and Serve Seasonal Cocktails
  3. Create Custom Menus
  4. Provide Excellent Customer Service from Start to Finish
  5. Offer Convenient Valet Parking and a central downtown location
  6. Deliver a Personal Touch, such as providing Urban Farmer swag bags or helping you to deliver special gifts of your own.
  7. Make it Fun! We want you to enjoy, relax, be festive and most of all, have fun. We make it that way by handling all of the details of your party, so you can leave behind the worry and embrace the fun!

Please contact Barbara Gantous at or 216-771-7707 to get your party started!



Chef Vishu Nath Rocks It in NYC


Chef Vishu Nath recently traveled to the Big Apple as part of a select group of local chefs chosen to participate in the “Cleveland Rocks” Dinner at The James Beard House in New York City.

Nath, who has served as the executive chef of Urban Farmer since October 2015, is known for emphasizing the importance of using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Along with other influential connoisseurs from Cleveland’s culinary scene, he served up dishes that celebrated the diverse flavors of the Buckeye State.

For the dinner, Vish prepared an Ohio Summer Melon with Corn, Tomato, Basil, Mizuna and Negroni Citrus Dressing. Other dishes created by the chefs included Ohio Chanterelle Pâté with Sweet-and Sour-Duxelles, Cherry Tomato Jam and Smoked Garlic Scape Oil on house-made Mustard Toast and Cleveland Fish ‘n Chips with Radish, Tomatillo and Corn.

Check out this time-lapse video of dish preparation at the event on Instagram. The James Beard Foundation’s mission is to celebrate, nurture, and honor chefs and other leaders making America’s food culture more delicious, diverse and sustainable for everyone.

Nath will participate in another James Beard event on October 18 in Columbus. The Celebrity Chef Tour in Columbus will take place at Gallerie Bistro on High Street and feature chefs from Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and New York. Tickets can be purchased here.


Nath has participated in many high-profile culinary events since joining Urban Farmer Cleveland, including:

  • March of Dimes’ Signature Chefs Auction
  • University Hospitals’ Five Star Sensation
  • Gourmets in the Garden featured Chef at Cleveland Botanical Garden
  • 12th Annual Starchefs Congress and Vitamix Challenge (NYC)
  • James Beard Foundation dinner at The Burnham Restaurant in Cleveland
  • Autism Speaks Chef Gala at the Cleveland Art Museum with Michael Symon

Nath has been involved in the culinary arts since he was young. He has developed a passion for sustainability in both cooking and restaurant management practices, principles that Urban Farmer shares and puts into action with its composting and glass-crushing initiatives.

Come Mix it Up at Our Mixology Class

Come Mix it Up at Our Mixology Class

A fun, team-building event for any company or organization



It’s always nice to kick off a holiday with a special event and this July 4th we had the pleasure of hosting our friends at Studiothink for a “mixology” class. (Studiothink is our local marketing and public relations agency and a big supporter of what we do.)

A mixology class is part social event, part team-building and part “Bartending 101.” Like the other classes we host, such as our macaroon and butcher classes, our goal is to educate our guests about what we do here at Urban Farmer and how we do it, all while having fun and enjoying our farm-to-table food and drink.

Our classes are great team-building opportunities and a simple way for employees of all ranks to get away from the office, mingle and enjoy each other’s company in a casual setting.

We gather in The Pantry, one of our two private dining rooms, surrounded by a colorful array of house-preserved fruits and vegetables and let our experts engage directly with our guests.

For the mixology class, our restaurant manager Jackson Starr and bartender Ellen Traylor lead the group. Starr, both personable and knowledgeable, came up through the ranks at Urban Farmer, starting as a bus boy then bartender then manager. Traylor, an expert in all things liquor, fell in love with bartending and has been doing it full time for years.

Working off a detailed menu with a dozen different drinks, Starr and Traylor craft a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as they talk about bartending techniques from shaking vs. stirring, the art of muddling and how to accurately measure a shot of liquor.

Guests can ask questions or just listen as they relax and enjoy hearty appetizers, including beef sliders on brioche, hush puppies, cheese plates and deviled eggs. Menus can be customized to guests’ preferences.

Starr and Traylor cover how to mix popular cocktails such as the Manhattan, Martini, Mojito and French 75, and invite guests to suggest drinks they’d like to see made. Then, those guests can step up the bar and make them, with guidance from our experts.

Anyone who wants a sample of the drink can have one. Non-alcoholic beverages are available and complimentary. The guest who requests the drink usually gets to enjoy the full glass. Guests get to take the drink recipe list home with them.

Starr and Traylor have been in the restaurant business almost their entire lives, making them not only great teachers for this class, but great employees here at Urban Farmer. They offer not only their bartending expertise but insight and interesting tidbits about their jobs.

Like our other class leaders, they are true professionals with extensive experience and a real passion for the restaurant business. We hope you join in a mixology class soon!

To find out more or book a class for your team, contact Barbara Gantous at









What’s in your glass?

This month Urban Farmer Cleveland is hosting the Beer Glass Challenge. The event will feature a line-up from our local Market Garden Brewery served in the Spiegelau’s Craft Beer Tasting Glasses.

So why a craft beer glass?

The idea of glassware affecting how you enjoy a beverage has long been debated. Glassware designers will tell you that elements of the glass including bowl shape, size, and the thickness can drastically affect how your drink smells, tastes, and even feels in the mouth. No other industry has taken this to a fuller extent than the world of wine where there seems to be a special vessel for just about everything. Not only is there a different glass for Pinot Noir and Merlot, but you will find that there’s a specialized glass for Pinot Noir from France versus one from New Zealand.

It was inevitable that other industries would soon follow suit when Spiegelau entered the ring with a line of craft beer glasses for the ever-growing microbrew scene. These glasses aren’t just pretty to look at, but come with an extensive amount of research and development that was done in collaboration with big names including Dog Fish Head, Sierra Nevada, and Rogue breweries. The kit includes an IPA, Stout, and Wheat Beer glass, each with distinctive characteristics to enhance that style of beer.

The Verdict?

Our General Manager/Sommelier, Andy Hata, put these glasses to the test. He tasted the Columbus Brewery IPA, Left Hand Milk Stout, and Market Garden Prosperity Wheat in their respective glasses, but also compared the same beers in a standard pint glass.

His thoughts: I was slightly skeptical to start. Coming from a wine background, I was confident that the Spiegelau glasses would definitely make a difference in comparison to the pint glass, but I had my doubts about how specialized these beer glasses were to their designated individual uses.

With each beer, the Spiegelau glass made dramatic improvements when compared to the pint glass. The aromatics were much more pronounced, the flavors were bolder, and the textures were enhanced with each sip.

The biggest surprise came when I decided to compare the Spiegelau glasses to each other. I poured the same Left Hand Milk Stout into the stout glass and IPA glass. The Milk Stout in its correct glass was everything you wanted a stout to be; creamy, rich, and a punch of coffee/chocolate notes. The same beer in the IPA glass almost tasted as if it had been watered down. The texture was all wrong and in-turn made the beer taste stale.

I’m a believer…


Join us for the beer glass challenge:

Date: Tuesday July 10th

Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Location: Urban Farmer Cleveland

Price: $55 per person (includes complimentary valet and a 3-piece Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting kit for each guest to take home)

Tickets on opens in a new windowEventbrite





Rosé Day in Ohio

Urban Farmer, Cleveland, OH

Rosé Day in Ohio

National Rosé Day is celebrated in May so this month’s Friday at the Farm showcased some of Ohio’s finest pink bubbly.


What is Rosé?

Originating in the South-Eastern region of France, rosé wine is considered by many to be one of the most ancient styles of winemaking. There are a few different methods, but the pink to orange hue is generally obtained by allowing the wine to stay in contact with the skins of red grapes during the production process. This not only adds color but also adds a level of complexity to the overall structure and flavor of the wine.


Why the Hype?

Rosé hasn’t always had its current level of fame.


The US market was first introduced to the idea of rosé during California White Zinfandel hype of the 80’s and 90’s. These wines however were considerably sweeter than their European ancestors and eventually gained a type of notoriety similar to that of heavily oaked chardonnay.


Then came the rise of the sommeliers to their celebrity-like status and with it a re-introduction to many of the “Old World” European wines. The dry rosés of France, Spain, and Italy became early crowd-winners because of their versatility with food. Everyone had heard of the age-old rule of “white wine with fish and red wine with meat”. Rosé became the perfect pairing at the dinner table that could work with everything from fish and chicken to pork and beef.


The Rosés of Ohio

Two of our favorite rosés at Urban Farmer Cleveland are made right here in Ohio.


M Cellars, located in the Grand River Valley, is the only winery in Ohio that makes a rosé sparkling wine through the méthode Champenoise process. Using locally grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Matt Meineke follows the same method used in making French Champagne. The wine goes through a second fermentation in the actual bottle that it is served in to give the wine its effervescence.


Rosé wine hype has also lent its marketing powers to other beverages. Rhinegeist Brewery from Cincinnati has experienced great success with the release their Bubbles “rosé ale” made with apple, peach, and cranberry.


With their bright pink hue, these make the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon on our outdoor patio.


It’s National Beef Month. Come Celebrate with Us!


It’s National Beef Month. Come Celebrate with Us!  

Why do we serve beef?

Because it tastes good.

Seriously, it does!

There’s so much behind the excellent taste of Urban Farmer steak. During

National Beef month in May, we want to celebrate and educate you about the high-quality, locally-sourced, and great-tasting beef we serve at our restaurant.

A wide range of beef for every taste.

We’re fortunate to have an excellent butcher on our team, Travis Gunter, who is an expert on beef. He, along with our chefs, make sure we serve only the best beef.

We serve a wide range of cuts from traditional grass fed/grain finished, to 100 percent grass fed and finished, to Wagyu and bison. We also have a dry-aging room where our beef is dry aged anywhere from 21 days to several months.

What is the difference between all these types of beef?

The Wagyu has the most intramuscular marbling, which is desirable for flavor and tenderness. The 100 percent grass fed is a little leaner, yet still has great flavor and tenderness, with a more robust beef flavor.

In between is the grain-finished beef, which most steak-lovers are accustomed to. Our grain-finished products are sourced locally from either whole beef we bring in from New Creation Farms, or sub primal from Boliantz Family Farms. Both are sustainably & humanely raised and finished on grain to give the steaks really wonderful fat content—and fat is flavor.

Dry-aging = tender and flavorful.
The process of dry aging our beef results in the concentration and saturation of the natural flavor, as well as the tenderization of the meat texture. During dry aging, moisture is evaporated from the muscle and this creates a greater concentration of beef flavor and taste. Secondly, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which produces more tender beef.

Once properly aged, how we cook our beef really depends on the cut of meat—but our most widely used method of cooking is on the char broiler.

Local farms
What also sets us apart is that we are fortunate to source various kinds of beef through our partnerships with different local farmers and ranchers. This allows our guests the opportunity to try different cuts/breeds they may have never tried before.

Some of our local beef farm partners include: New Creation Farms, Boliantz Family Farms, Red Run Bison, Ohio Wagyu and Fresh Fork/Ohio city provisions.

Sourcing locally benefits many facets of the regional economy. From the feed, producers, farmers, butchers, etc. Raising beef is an intensive endeavor, which supports a lot of families in the area. In addition, this helps to reduce the carbon footprint and helps us boost our local economy.

We waste nothing.
Our ability to bring in whole carcass animals is probably one of the most defining features. We utilize the entire carcass, from steaks, to burgers. We use everything, the fat is rendered into tallow to make candles that are on the guest table. The bones get roasted off and used for stock. Then, off cuts, such as liver, tongue, etc. get turned into charcuterie. Literally, EVERYTHING, gets used.

So, with all of these great choices, which beef is right for you? Well, that depends…

Our butcher, Travis, personally likes the Ohio Proud Bone in Ribeye from Boliantz farms. It has wonderful flavor. Also, we recently started using their prime tenderloins for filet, they are a great product which is selling extremely well. He also recommends the Ohio Proud Tenderloin.

If you’re not necessarily a beef lover but want to try a good cut/steak/beef, Travis recommends the New York Strip tasting. It offers a 6-ounce portion each of grass fed, grain finished and 21-day dry aged, you can also add on the wagyu strip as well, which he highly recommends. It’s great for those who can’t decide or want a little variety.

So, come celebrate National Beef Month with us. You’ll be satisfied!

Whiskey Takes Flight

Whiskey Takes Flight

Have you sampled our new whiskey flight? If not, you should land yourself a seat soon to enjoy these five signature bourbons!


We’ve partnered with some of our favorite distilleries to create a sampling of single barrel whiskey selections that are exclusive to Urban Farmer.  The flight includes Knock Creek Single Barrel, Cleveland Underground Honey Locust & Hickory, 1792 Single Barrel (full proof), Maker’s Mark Private Select and Eagle Rare Single Barrel Select. The flight lands with an immediate wow factor once served, thanks to the custom reclaimed wood board made by 2 Sails Woodworks.


As the flight and presentation concept were crafted by General Manager, Andy Hata, we asked him to share a bit more about the new whiskey flight and what makes it unique.


Which distilleries did you partner with and why?


Manager Andy: We partnered with Cleveland Whiskey because they are local, but also because they have a unique process that accelerates the maturation of the whiskey. In this process they are able to use unique woods that would otherwise not be used to age spirits. In our case, we decided to incorporate Honey Locust, a tree that is indigenous to Ohio. The Kentucky Bourbons were all single barrel selections. Meaning we, as an Urban Farmer team,  selected a specific barrel from the distillery because we liked the notes of that particular barrel. It was a great educational experience for members of our team to taste the different nuisances from barrel to barrel, as well as seeing the bourbon making process first-hand in Kentucky.


What can guests expect when they order and taste the flight?


Manager Andy: The flight covers quite a broad range of styles. The Cleveland Whiskey blend, because of the unique woods, offers a very delicate and different profile than traditional bourbons. Then you have single barrel expressions from your major brands such as Eagle Rare, Knob Creek, and Maker’s Mark. I think the highlight piece, however, is the 1792. It is the only selection in the flight that’s bottled at barrel strength. This means you get to taste all of the bold and amazing flavors of the whiskey we selected, without it being diluted to the standard 40% ABV.


What makes a good whiskey?


Manager Andy: I think this is personal to each person. Just like any food or beverage, “good” is defined by the person enjoying it and the situation. “Good whiskey” is the one that YOU enjoy.  In general though, good whiskey starts with good ingredients (water, grain, and great wood for aging). The distiller then has to find a balance of bold malty, spicy, smoky flavors and subtle smoothness and roundness on the palate.


Tell us more about the reclaimed wood flight boards and how you found the maker.


Manager Andy:  Sean Kubovcik from 2 Sails Woodworks is someone we’ve been working with for a couple of years now. He’s worked with us on numerous projects and always does an amazing job. We like working with Sean because he’s local, but also shares the same philosophies that we do. He makes sure that his work isn’t negatively impacting the environment and makes sure that everything that he works with is naturally fallen or reclaimed. We just gave him the idea and he just went with it. The design and everything came from him.


To learn more about our cocktail and beverage program please visit our drink menu. Better yet, we suggest you pull up a seat, enjoy a flight or signature cocktail and chat with our bartender! We’ve got lots of interesting cocktails and insight to share.




Friday At The Farm: A Locally Inspired Happy Hour

We’re excited to usher in the warm weather of spring and summer with our new monthly Happy Hour called Friday at the Farm.

“Friday at the Farm,” celebrates Urban Farmer’s commitment to locally sourced food and drink and highlights our dedication to sustainability. It’s also a way for us to welcome new guests and old, individuals and groups, in a warm, friendly setting that centers around delicious, fresh, expertly prepared food and drink.

Each of these special Friday Happy Hours will have a seasonal theme, which will be reflected in the menu. Guests enjoy complimentary drink specials and appetizers between 5-7 p.m. in our spacious bar and lounge at each of our monthly Friday at the Farm events.

We held our first one on April 6 – which happened to fall on opens in a new windowIndians Opening Day – and it was a big hit.

Guests enjoyed a much grander, more eclectic menu than hot dogs and beer as they chatted with friends and acquaintances and celebrated the Tribe’s 3-2 Opening Day victory over the Kansas City Royals.

The April 6 Friday at the Farm menu included hot and cold appetizers such as:

  • Hush Puppies Dusted With Espelette & Served With Spicy Aioli
  • Buffalo Meatballs With Parsley Pesto
  • Miniature Beet Salads
  • Asparagus & Spring Pea Salad
  • Artisanal & House-Made Charcuterie, House Pickles, Mustard
  • Artisanal Cheese Selection, Marcona Almonds, House Preserves
  • Hummus With Pita



And we also had dessert: Miniature chocolate pastries, rum balls and mousse cups; truffles, matcha tea cakes and scrumptious macarons were a part of the day’s festivities for all to enjoy.

In addition, our complimentary drink special “Mai Tribe” was a fun nod to Opening Day, and spin on the classic Mai Tai.

We’re excited for our Friday at the Farm to stand out as one of the top Happy Hour events in Cleveland. We welcome business and social groups to attend as our special guests. We’ll set aside blocks of complimentary drink tickets for groups that reserve in advance.

So come join us at our next Friday at the Farm on May 4th and get your weekend started off with great food, great drink and great friends.

If you’d like to attend as a group or business, please email Sales & Marketing Manager, Kelly O’Connor at, and we’ll be sure to reserve your drink tickets.