An Urban Farmer

Spring is coming and we’re getting ready for it here at Urban Farmer Cleveland. You can feel the energy in the air as the earth comes out of hibernation. As all farmers do, the farmers that we work with are starting their spring seedlings and plowing the land. We have one of our farmers working in-house! Clinton Bates, is one of our suppliers of local tomatoes. He knows more about tomatoes than most and is willing to help educate anyone who asks. At his two-acre farm he grew 40 different varieties last year and has 70 different varieties started for this year. In total, that’s over 4,000 plants! All of his tomatoes are non GMO, heirloom tomatoes and he only uses fertilizer made from fruit and vegetable compost. When asked, he said his favorite varieties are the Hillbilly Potato Leaf and Berkeley Tie Die tomatoes. He generously shared his secret to growing the best tomatoes around…Clinton’s mother actually plays the radio for the plants, to help them grow! As a farm to table restaurant, we have a great deal of respect for the food grown locally and those who grow it. We are trying to leave behind a positive footprint on Cleveland, and our awesome guests are helping by supporting these local farmers with each and every meal enjoyed with us!