A Fresh Farm

As we round the bases of our first year as a downtown Cleveland restaurant, and move further into summer, we have freshened things up a little and have started some fun new projects! In addition to our incredible spring/summer menu, we also remodeled our floors, rejuvenated the server uniforms and rolled out new patio furniture. Our menu now has delectables like the Cleveland Cassata Cake and S’mores Tarts. As if life here in Cleveland could get any sweeter! We also laid down new oak wood flooring, salvaged  from barns in southern Ohio, to give the restaurant a fresh facelift. An unfortunate water main break segued us into an opportunity to improve upon the already farm chic look of the dining room. Everyone has new dark denim aprons to bring home the modern steakhouse look and our patio is bustling with locals. The sun is shining and big orange umbrellas comfort those escaping the office for a lunch break. Sitting at the reclaimed barn wood table on the patio, you can see the city pulsing with fun events like bicycle marathons, parades, races, farmers markets and concerts.

Every day our chefs are snapping into fresh ingredients that are rolling in from our local farms. Wax beans, fava beans, pickling cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes and berries are everywhere you look! Pickling projects have begun, jam jars have been filled and preserve parities have ensued. Our pantry is full, quite literally! We have a private dining room that is called The Pantry for its many shelves of local grown and house-made canned vegetables, fruits and syrups. It is a sight for sore eyes with bright colors and beautiful shapes and that make your mouth water with anticipation over what it all tastes like.  With so many different combinations of homemade brines and seasonal vegetables our chefs often resemble scientists this time of year as they experiment with fusions and flavors that impress and inspire.