Whiskey Takes Flight

Whiskey Takes Flight

Have you sampled our new whiskey flight? If not, you should land yourself a seat soon to enjoy these five signature bourbons!


We’ve partnered with some of our favorite distilleries to create a sampling of single barrel whiskey selections that are exclusive to Urban Farmer.  The flight includes Knock Creek Single Barrel, Cleveland Underground Honey Locust & Hickory, 1792 Single Barrel (full proof), Maker’s Mark Private Select and Eagle Rare Single Barrel Select. The flight lands with an immediate wow factor once served, thanks to the custom reclaimed wood board made by 2 Sails Woodworks.


As the flight and presentation concept were crafted by General Manager, Andy Hata, we asked him to share a bit more about the new whiskey flight and what makes it unique.


Which distilleries did you partner with and why?


Manager Andy: We partnered with Cleveland Whiskey because they are local, but also because they have a unique process that accelerates the maturation of the whiskey. In this process they are able to use unique woods that would otherwise not be used to age spirits. In our case, we decided to incorporate Honey Locust, a tree that is indigenous to Ohio. The Kentucky Bourbons were all single barrel selections. Meaning we, as an Urban Farmer team,  selected a specific barrel from the distillery because we liked the notes of that particular barrel. It was a great educational experience for members of our team to taste the different nuisances from barrel to barrel, as well as seeing the bourbon making process first-hand in Kentucky.


What can guests expect when they order and taste the flight?


Manager Andy: The flight covers quite a broad range of styles. The Cleveland Whiskey blend, because of the unique woods, offers a very delicate and different profile than traditional bourbons. Then you have single barrel expressions from your major brands such as Eagle Rare, Knob Creek, and Maker’s Mark. I think the highlight piece, however, is the 1792. It is the only selection in the flight that’s bottled at barrel strength. This means you get to taste all of the bold and amazing flavors of the whiskey we selected, without it being diluted to the standard 40% ABV.


What makes a good whiskey?


Manager Andy: I think this is personal to each person. Just like any food or beverage, “good” is defined by the person enjoying it and the situation. “Good whiskey” is the one that YOU enjoy.  In general though, good whiskey starts with good ingredients (water, grain, and great wood for aging). The distiller then has to find a balance of bold malty, spicy, smoky flavors and subtle smoothness and roundness on the palate.


Tell us more about the reclaimed wood flight boards and how you found the maker.


Manager Andy:  Sean Kubovcik from 2 Sails Woodworks is someone we’ve been working with for a couple of years now. He’s worked with us on numerous projects and always does an amazing job. We like working with Sean because he’s local, but also shares the same philosophies that we do. He makes sure that his work isn’t negatively impacting the environment and makes sure that everything that he works with is naturally fallen or reclaimed. We just gave him the idea and he just went with it. The design and everything came from him.


To learn more about our cocktail and beverage program please visit our drink menu. Better yet, we suggest you pull up a seat, enjoy a flight or signature cocktail and chat with our bartender! We’ve got lots of interesting cocktails and insight to share.




Friday At The Farm: A Locally Inspired Happy Hour

We’re excited to usher in the warm weather of spring and summer with our new monthly Happy Hour called Friday at the Farm.

“Friday at the Farm,” celebrates Urban Farmer’s commitment to locally sourced food and drink and highlights our dedication to sustainability. It’s also a way for us to welcome new guests and old, individuals and groups, in a warm, friendly setting that centers around delicious, fresh, expertly prepared food and drink.

Each of these special Friday Happy Hours will have a seasonal theme, which will be reflected in the menu. Guests enjoy complimentary drink specials and appetizers between 5-7 p.m. in our spacious bar and lounge at each of our monthly Friday at the Farm events.

We held our first one on April 6 – which happened to fall on Indians Opening Day – and it was a big hit.

Guests enjoyed a much grander, more eclectic menu than hot dogs and beer as they chatted with friends and acquaintances and celebrated the Tribe’s 3-2 Opening Day victory over the Kansas City Royals.

The April 6 Friday at the Farm menu included hot and cold appetizers such as:

  • Hush Puppies Dusted With Espelette & Served With Spicy Aioli
  • Buffalo Meatballs With Parsley Pesto
  • Miniature Beet Salads
  • Asparagus & Spring Pea Salad
  • Artisanal & House-Made Charcuterie, House Pickles, Mustard
  • Artisanal Cheese Selection, Marcona Almonds, House Preserves
  • Hummus With Pita



And we also had dessert: Miniature chocolate pastries, rum balls and mousse cups; truffles, matcha tea cakes and scrumptious macarons were a part of the day’s festivities for all to enjoy.

In addition, our complimentary drink special “Mai Tribe” was a fun nod to Opening Day, and spin on the classic Mai Tai.

We’re excited for our Friday at the Farm to stand out as one of the top Happy Hour events in Cleveland. We welcome business and social groups to attend as our special guests. We’ll set aside blocks of complimentary drink tickets for groups that reserve in advance.

So come join us at our next Friday at the Farm on May 4th and get your weekend started off with great food, great drink and great friends.

If you’d like to attend as a group or business, please email Sales & Marketing Manager, Kelly O’Connor at kelly.oconnor@sagerestaurantgroup.com, and we’ll be sure to reserve your drink tickets.