Our Butcher Cuts


Urban Farmer takes pride in having our very own butcher shop within our restaurant; did you ever wonder what butchers do to ensure the best products in the restaurant? Join us for one of our butcher shop classes and learn the art to what our head butcher does every day. Here is an explanation of some of our butcher cuts:

UFCL Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder

The shoulder of a pig gets split into two pieces: the butt and the picnic ham.  The butt doesn’t actually come from the rear of the animal but refers to the vessel it was stored in back in colonial times.  With a natural fat to lean ratio of about 80/20 the shoulder is great for sausage making.  We also smoke the shoulders to make our bbq pork.
UF CL Pork Belly

Pork belly

Cut from just under the pork loin the belly is fatty and tender.  Most commonly used to produce bacon but the belly can make a wonderful pork rillettes or is a nice addition to a sausage if you desire a higher fat to lean ratio


One of the most popular primal cuts, the rib spans ribs 6 through 12.  A nice mixture of lean muscle and marbleized fat makes the rib one of the most sought after steaks.  The Ohio Proud rib steak is on the menu daily
UFCL Sirloin


The second half of the loin primal, the sirloin offers a fairly tender steak with minimal fat.  Steaks can be cut from the large muscle of the sirloin and sold as “top sirloin” or from the sirloin cap, also known as the “Coulotte”