Paying Homage to Local Farms

Urban Farmer Cleveland’s focus on local farms and fresh ingredients, has led to staff involvement and guest loyalty. Most of our staff; whether it is the back of the house or front of the house, have the opportunity to volunteer and visit local farms.  “It is a privileged opportunity for us to pay homage to the local farms and how hard they work” stated Executive Chef Vishu Nath, whom had the chance to visit and volunteer at the Chefs Garden in Cleveland, Ohio. He explained “I thought farming would be easy, trust me it is not!”


The education our staff receives is invaluable and allows them to have a greater respect and involvement with our menu. It is important that we get our team excited about these farms; it’s in our DNA and what we stand by. Our staff has visited many farms including; Ohio City Farms, Ohio Wagyu Farms, New Creation Farms and the Chefs Garden. These visits consist of tours, planting crops, weeding and setting beds, talking with local farmers and receiving an overall education on the farms we partner with. In turn our staff can speak professionally on our local meats, micro-herbs and produce (like long beans and heirloom tomatoes, lettuce and greens) to our guests. We are privileged to have an in house butcher shop where we breakdown whole cows and hogs to feature their steak cuts on the menu every day. In addition we dry age our steaks in house that’s sets us apart from restaurants in the vicinity.


Sous Chef’s David Gross and Roland Schlaf agree “we have a unique  competitive edge when you’re utilizing all parts of the animal from nose to tail and can speak on the freshness, dry aging and cuts of the meat, done right in house, it is a win win for our guests and the restaurant.”


We continue to see a growing trend of knowing the origins of our food we serve to our curious and well-travelled guests. We encourage our teammates in the kitchen and the restaurant to visit the local farms, ranches and foragers we support as they are able to relay the story and process it goes through to make it on the Urban Farmer Cleveland Menu.