March is National Nutrition Month!

With a whirlwind of tasty temptations available everywhere you turn, how do you resist? In the spirit of healthy living and March being National Nutrition month, we’d like to offer some tips for total health. We like to support local agriculture here at Urban Farmer, but as it turns out, it’s usually a healthier option anyway! It’s widely circulated knowledge that eating whole foods, as opposed to processed food, is better for your health, but what is the healthier option when it comes to whole foods? That answer lies in the food itself, where it comes from, and the plant family from which it is derived. According to Jo Robinson, author of Eating on the Wild Side, a fruit or vegetable offers the most nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants when it is the closest to its wild, unaltered state. Fruit and vegetables coming from heirloom varieties, picked at the height of freshness and ripened by the sun, do more for your body than you would ever imagine. Our heirloom tomato farmer Clinton Bates uses his own fertilizer from composted food to give his tomatoes the added nutrition they need. He adds that “There are so many more tomato varieties than the few offered in stores, not only do many people have no idea they exist, but they also taste better and have many different flavor profiles.” You don’t have to eat salads constantly to get the whole foods intake you need either. Get creative! We have roasted Brussels sprouts and seared greens on our menu, for example. Not only do they pair well with just about any protein offered, but they are a unique way to get your fiber, vitamin C, folate and potassium for the day. Even self-proclaimed carnivores can get behind such tasty sides dishes, that step outside of the rabbit food stereotype against the “eat more vegetable’s” movement that has taken root over the last few years.


Ohio City Ice Carving festival

Urban Farmer, Cleveland’s Steakhouse:

For the 4th Annual Ohio City Ice Carving festival two of Urban Farmer Cleveland’s team members pitched in to help make the event a great experience for everyone. Michael Berkowitz, our Banquet Manager participated in the ice carving festivities outside while Kellie Geiger, the Sales and Marketing Manager carved fruit and vegetables inside. The event featured alumni and students from the University of Akron Ice Carving Team and was very successful in involving the community in a fun filled afternoon. There were ice sculptures placed throughout the event, including the ice throne and cute little eggplant penguin pictured.