$15Seasonal Smoked Fish*toasted bagel, fromage blanc, arugula

$14Charcuterie Board*house-made & artisnal, daily selection

$6Seasonal Fruit

$9Vanilla Yogurt Panna Cottaberries, hand-rolled granola, biscotti

$18Artisanal Cheese*daily selection of three cheeses, marcona almonds, triticale cracker


$12Oxtail Souproot vegetables, onion, rye crouton

$12Chickpea Soupenglish peas, kale, paprika


$12Caesar*white anchovies, parmesan, garlic

$12Local Greensseasonal vegetables, honey vinaigrette, quinoa

$14Spring Beetsgoat cheese mousse, spiced almond & oat, lemongrass vinaigrette

Salad Additions

$9Grilled Chicken Breastherb marinade


$14Grilled Flat Iron*

$11Grilled Shrimpespelette

$7Foraged Mushroomthyme, garlic

Farm Eggs*includes choice of toast or house-made English muffin

$16Farmer Omeletgrilled onions, ham, pickled peppers, smoked cheddar, crispy potato

$16Red Flannel Hashcorned beef, beets, fingerling, poached eggs

$14Farm Eggs Any Styletwo eggs, crispy potato; choice of: ham, bacon, breakfast sausage, chicken cherry sausage

$20Grilled Flat Iron Steak and Eggstwo eggs any style, crispy potato, sausage gravy

$15Farm Vegetable Frittataseasonal vegetables, foraged mushrooms, aged cheddar

Brunch Specialties

$17Croque Madame*ham, arugula, gruyere, mustard, bechamel, poached egg

$16Shakshukafarm eggs, labneh, peppers, seasonal vegetables

$13Buttermilk Pancakesblackberry compote, lemon marmalade

$11Steel Cut Oatmealdried fruits, nuts, brown sugar; choice of milk: skim, 2%, whole, soy, yogurt

$16Honey Biscuit*fried egg, sausage gravy, crispy chicken leg, lemon marmalade

$18Shrimp and Grits*braised pulled pork, soft poached egg, rye croutons

$13Brioche French Toastblueberry preserves, Ohio maple syrup, hazelnut butter

$12Granola Wafflestrawberry compote, greek yogurt, Ohio Honey

Sandwichesincludes choice of farm fries, house made chips, fruit, or local greens salad

$15Grilled Chickenbacon, gruyere, apricot jam, chili aioli, onion, poppy seed brioche

$16The Farm Burger*white cheddar, aioli, tomato jam, house-made English muffin

$16Turkey Paninibacon, avocado, pickled red onion, jack cheese, roasted poblano, aioli, focaccia

Benedictsincludes béarnaise, house-made English muffin


$16Roasted Pork

$17New Creation Shaved Ham

$17Ohio Proud Shaved Sirloin


$6House-Made Chicken Cherry Sausage or Breakfast Sausage

$6Smoked Bacon

$4One Egg Any Style*

$6Bagel and Cream Cheese

$6House-Made English Muffin

$4Bissell Farm Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

$6New Creation Shaved Ham

$6Crispy Breakfast Potato

$4Stone Oven Bread, Toasted

$4Honey Biscuit