$12Oxtail Souproot vegetables, onion, rye crouton

$12Parsnip Veloutecelery root, bacon, apple chutney, maple gastrique


$12Caesar*white anchovies, parmesan, garlic

$16Farmer Chopchicken, salami, kale, romaine, blue cheese sunflower seeds, roasted garlic dressing

$12Local Greenswinter vegetables, honey vinaigrette, quinoa

$14Beet & Squashrocket, citrus, chevre, pistachio, beet meringue

Salad Additions

$9Grilled Chicken Breastherb marinade

$12Arctic Char*

$14Grilled Flat Iron*

$11Grilled Shrimpespelette

$7Maitake Mushroomsthyme garlic

Featured Items

$18Cheesedaily selection of three cheeses, marcona almonds, Ohio Honey, triticale cracker

$14Charcuteriehouse-made & artisnal, daily selection

Sandwichesincludes choice of farm fries, house made chips, fruit, or tossed greens

$15Grilled Chickenbacon, gruyere, apricot jam, chili aioli, poppyseed brioche

$14Shaved Sirloinmelted white cheddar, mustard onion jam, ciabatta

$13BBQ Porksmoked pork rilette, maple apple BBQ, house pickles

$16The Farm Burger*white cheddar, aioli, house-made English muffin

$16Duck Confit Cubanham, aioli, mustard, house pickles, baguette

$14Cheddar Bratbeer mustard, red cabbage slaw, brioche


$18Beef Tenderloin Chili Mac*torchio pasta, rapini, breadcrumbs

$16Croque Madame*ham, arugula, gruyere, mustard, bechamel, poached egg

$24Arctic Char*endive, cauliflower, brandied salmon roe

$18Shrimp and Grits*soft poached egg, spiced shrimp, pulled pork

$16Orecchiettefarmed vegetables, fine herbs, pecorino


$34Ohio Proud Tenderloin6oz, grain-finished, Ohio

$367x New York Strip6oz, Wagyu, Colorado

$307x Sirloin8oz, Wagyu, Colorado

$28Creekstone Flat Iron12oz, corn-fed, Kansas


$8Potato Galetterusset burbank

$12Roasted Foraged Mushroomsshallot

$12Roasted Carrotsbourbon maple, soubise, beets, pecan

$8Farm Friesrusset burbank

$9Popcorn Grits*poached egg, espelette

$12Brussels Sprouts, Pear Soubisepinot shallots